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Lump in Testicles, Blocked Sperm Duct, Spermatocele

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

Ok I am 21 years old, and have never experienced anything like this, I have a small hard white lump on the right side (at my view) of my testicles. It is not actually attached to my testicles, rather the sack surrounding them. It is not really irritating or painfull unless you mess with it. Along with this, my right testicle seems to be larger then the left. I have had many tests for STDs including warts and herpes and such, and they have all turned out to be negative. Which makes me wonder, what this could be. Upon reader other articles by people, some have said they thought it was a cyst or something to do with a blocked sperm duct, and that it will never go away. I was wondering if you could provide me with some answers. Oh, and I have had this condition for about a year now, and it has not grown, or shrunk. Thanks for your help.


Dr. Joshua’s Answer:


Can’t make a diagnosis without examining you, but one possibility is indeed spermatocele, i.e. a cyst caused by a blocked sperm duct as you say. Usually it does not require treatment, unless it is big enough to cause discomfort, in which case the treatment is surgical. You’ll need to show it to your doctor to exclude other possible causes.


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