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Adult Bed Wetting Cause, Treatment, Bedwetting Help

Tuesday, March 14th, 2006

I am hoping you could provide me with some direction. I have a strange problem and i’m confused about what to do next. I am a 26 year old woman, no kids, no major health problems. I take Ventolin and Flovent Inhalers (Ventolin since I was a kid, Flovent since December) for asthma and environmental allergies. I am not on birth control or any other meds. My boyfriend and I were tested for STD’s together a year and a half ago, we were both okay and have not been with anyone else since then. About a month ago, I woke up in the middle of the night and realized I was peeing the bed. I laughed about it and thought I must have been having a strange dream or something. About two weeks later, it happened again. Last night, I woke up completely soaked and I guess I must have peed the bed without waking up until later. It may not be anything, but I don’t even remember peeing the bed when I was a kid so why would I be doing it now? I am not trying to ramble on but I guess you would need as much information as possible so I want to mention 2 other, seemingly unrelated things that I noticed in the past six months. The first is rectal itching which showed up in November (and was much worse then) and is still present to a lesser degree. The second, which I noticed about 2 months ago, is a small, pea sized lump in my inner/upper thigh. The skin looks completely smooth and normal still -I can just feel that there is a lump underneath it that it is a little tender when I touch it. I hope this is enough information.


Dr. Joshua’s Answer:

Adult bed-wetting (enuresis, starting in adulthood) is always reason for a medical examination. There are various possible causes, including urinary tract infection, stones, diabetes, bladder diseases, neurological and psychiatric disorders.?

I recommend that you visit the doctor soon. A thorough history and physical examination is needed, as well as some basic urine tests, and the doctor may then order further tests and consultations if he is unable to determine the cause.

Many times no physical cause can be found. The cause of adult bedwetting is sometimes psychological, related to high stress and anxiety.


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