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The author performing cervical spine surgery
Welcome to Doctor Joshua’s website. Dr. Joshua is a neurosurgeon and provides free answers to medical questions regarding any medical specialty. Ask Doctor Joshua has been running since 2004, and was awarded the HonCode accreditation for trustworthy health information in 2006. DrJoshua is indexed in MedHunt, a medical search engine run by the Health On the Net Foundation. For more information, please see the Mission Statement. The purpose of this website is to provide medical information and general health advice to support, not to replace, the relationship between patient and physician. Read the Disclaimer to fully understand what this website is for and what it is not. You must agree to the Disclaimer before you use this website.

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Previous answers to medical questions are categorized according to medical specialty in the sidebar on the right. A family doctor section is provided for miscellaneous family health advice. Before you submit your health questions, please browse the previous medical questions and health advice to see if a similar question has been answered already. To ask your own question, please go to Dr. Joshua’s forum (see below).

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Doctor Joshua has special interest in the fields of Neurosurgery as well as other fields of Surgery and the treatment and medication of Mental illness. Also, Doctor Joshua runs a part time family practice, so make sure you check out the Family Doctor section - medical questions for the family doctor covering some everyday medical issues, as well as some surprising ones!

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Our team is participating in the forum to provide support and address individual medical questions - please register on Doctor Joshua’s MD Health Forum - a peer support forum, where you can ask a medical question, discuss my medical answers, get support from others, and engage in an exchange of ideas regarding medical issues and health concerns.